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Chapter One
1.) What happens if your own mother was removed or taken from you, what would happen and what would you do afterwards? "The queen, for her part, is the unifying force of the community; if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours, or even less, they show unmistakable signs of queenlessness" (Kidd 1). In the book The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd tells the reader how quickly Lily's life changed after Lily's mother died. Growing up Lily didn't have any one to talk about her problems, like puberty changes her, or just even fixing her hair, even how to dress. Lily only has her father, T Ray and he really isnt much as a father figure to her at all. Without her mother, Lily becomes angry with T Ray and cause problems in the house.(Tiffany)

2.) Laws and rules which African Americans were forced to face in the 1960's were a main cause of inequality and racism. Many Whites felt the need to be inferior to the Blacks. In chapter one, near the end, on page 31 and 32, a group of White men are taunting Rosaleen, a black woman, using a derogatory term. Rosaleen then accidentally spilled her tobacco spit on the men's boots, she then got beat up and arrested. This shows that Whites had more rights than Blacks. I do not agree with what had happened in that situation. If the men would not have had been so racist towards her than maybe she would of have had not spilled the tobacco spit on their shoes. This shows that equality can work for both sides and we can respect one another. (MeHow)

3.) Rosaleen stood up to the white man because she wanted the right to vote, and wasn't going to wait or get people in her way. she told lily "For the fourth of July they're holding a voters rally at the colored church. i'm registering myself to vote." (KIDD 27) this is the day the the colonist broke the law and she did it on the same day the colonist did.(Arturo)

4.) There are many versions of Jim Crow laws that somewhat relate. For example; some people are judged on what they wear, or what they have, or even their grades. People do these things to make them feel better about them selves not worrying about the other person. Those people hide and aren't as well known because they are worried about what other people will think of them. It is because of discrimination that people think this way. (Samantha)

5.)When Rosaleen stands up to T-Ray about the chick, Lily says, "his boots whispered uncle all the way down the hall."(Kidd page 12) What does this mean? Uncle also means a cry for surrender the boots are in a way warning lily that T-Ray is on his way up.This quote form the book has alot to say about T-Ray already. I believe the the quote is trying to saying or is saying that T-Ray is a very intimidating man and when you here those boots you know your in for it. (Hannah)

6.) Identify a smile from this chapter. What is the difference between a simile and a metaphor?
"I watched her press it along her chin, her lips fluted out like a flower, then spit a curl of black juice inside it." (Kidd 11). This simile is comparing Rosaleen's lip to a flower, as she spit out the snuff juice into the jar that she carried around with her.
The difference between a simile and a metaphor is the use of "like" and "as". They both compare two unlike objects, but a simile uses the words "like" and "as" to link these objects. A metaphor does not use those words, but still, it compares the two objects. (Shannon)

7.) In the beginning of the chapter there is a quote that explains how a hive of bees would fall apart without its queen. I believe the author foreshadows back to this part of the book when she shows how lost Lilly is as a young girl without her mother. (Sabrina)

Chapter Two

From page 55 where Lily says, "I couldn't help it, I wanted to go and lick the milk beads from her shoulders."
This shows that Lily wanted to have a mother daughter relationship. As they bathed in the moonlight the light reflected on the water beads on Rosaleen’s shoulder making it look like milk beads representing breast milk which is a relationship a mother and child have. (MeHow)

1.) T.Ray acts racist because of he he ignores Rosaleen when Lily and Rosaleen are in jail. He only bails out Lily and ignore Rosaleen even after Rosaleen substitutes

2.) “Lily Melissa Ownes, your jar is open.” It is finally an opportunity to go an seek out the answers she has wanted about her mother. Your jar is open is saying that it is now her time to go and there is nothing and nobody to stop her. (Samantha)

3.) Lily is mature enough to handle her situations. When lily leaves Rosaleen in the prison cell she tells her, “I’ll be back. All right... All right, Rosaleen?” [Kidd 37] Lily is there for Rosaleen if she needs any help; also she is willing to protect her because she needs to take responsibility. Lily believed that everything was going to be alright. Lily is ready to handle a tough situations and ready to learn what happen to her mother (Arturo)

4.) Throughout her entire life Lily has been abused by her father. And by loosing her mother at the age of four her life has been anything but easy. Although things at home were rough she always had the memory of her mother that got her through the hard times. And even though she hasn’t ran away before, when she was told by T-ray that her mother didn’t care about her and that she was leaving her, she couldn’t take it anymore which caused her to run away. “The truth is, your sorry mother ran off and left you. The say she died she came back to get her things, that’s all” (Kidd 39). (Sabrina)

5.) Why was Lily anger with Rosaleen? Do you think that she justified her feelings?
Lily was angry with Rosaleen because she felt that Rosaleen did not appreciated what she did for her. Lily got her out of jail because she knew that Rosaleen would have gotten killed in jail because she would not apologize to the three men. "They were gonna come back and kill you, or worse. I got you out of there, and this is how you thank me. Well, fine." (Kidd 54). I do not think that she justified her feelings very well. Instead of talking about her feelings, she got mad at Rosaleen and walked away. "I didn't want to be on the same planet as her, much less the same side of the creek" (Kidd 54). She did not talk it over, she simply ran away from her problem. At the end of the chapter, she did go back and apologize to her for the way she acted, which fixed her problem. If Lily had just realizes that she should have apologized and not treated Rosaleen that way, then she would not have even had that problem in the first place. (Shannon)

6.) The interactions lily has with Rosaleen are very much similar to interactions to a girls interaction with her mother. As far as in chapter 1and 2 Lily see's Rosaleen as a mother figure. "I Couldn't help it,I wanted to go and lick the milk beads from her shoulder"(Kidd 55). Rosaleen and Lily share a bond that a mother and daughter would have as lily is comfortable to want to "Lick the milk beads off Rosaleen's shoulder". As I see it metaphorically the milk represents the mother because the mother is the one that carries the milk or gives the the milk to her child and Lily is wanting the milk from the mother.Lily's interaction with Rosaleen are quite similar to a girls interaction with her mother. (Hannah)

Chapter Three


2.) Egocentric means someone who is self-centered and has little regard for others. Children are egocentric because they only care with what the want. Throughout their life they grow to care about others. Lily thanking God for
"poor new reporting" when she doesn't find news about her and Rosaleen because she doesn't want other to know that she was in jail.This helped her run away because it gave her a good chance so no one knew about her getting in jail and being a local "celebrity". (MeHow)

3.) In the Secret Life of Bees, the author writes that Rosaleen had a dream. "I dreamed the Reverened Martin Luther King, Jr, knelt down and painted my toenails with the spit from his mouth, and every nail was red like he'd been sucking on red hots" (Kidd, 59). This is significant because the dream is telling her that she's should be proud of her self, the reason why Martin Luther King is kissing her feet. In the quote it said that her toenails were red meaning she knew what she was getting into when she didn't apologize to the two men, Rosaleen knew it meant death. She stood up for what she believed in and she was proud of making that decision. (Tiffany)

4.) Lily is looking for a sign to guide her. I believe the sign she is looking for is her mother. This is a demonstration of faith. Seeing the bees and the way they react to T.Ray makes me even think that the bees are a sign from her mother. My grandma passed away in July and a few days after, something amazing happened. I was sitting on the bus, just waiting for it to pull out, and all of a sudden, this beautiful white bird (bigger than a seagull), swoops in front of the bus. Then it came back and stopped in front of my window for about 5 seconds, looked at me, and left. I know that even though my grandma isn't here with me in flesh, she here with me in spirit. The bees are like her white bird. (Samantha)

5.) Yes i believe Lily finding the jars of honey was a sign. I think that by Lily finding the jars it symbolized that they were on the right track track and that if they continued searching they would soon find what they were searching for. It also gave them the hope and the courage to continue on there journey. It could also symbolize as a sign from Lily's mother showing them that she it there for them and that there doing the right thing. (Sabrina)

6.) Refer to page 60 and discuss whether Rosaleen has lost faith in the Civil Rights act.
On page 60, Rosaleen expresses her feelings about the Civil Rights Act. She comes off as if she has lost hope in the act. When Lily says that under the new laws, people had to let colored people eat in their restaurants, just as they had to let them stay in their hotels and boarding houses, Rosaleen replies, "'...but you gonna have to drag people out kicking and screaming to do it.'" (Kidd 60) She wants the Civil Rights Act to work, for her people to have all the same rights as whites, but she knows that it was going to be extremely hard to reach. She seems as though she does not think that it is worth all the effort that is being out into it.
I believe that she began to give up hope when she was told to stop singing her hymn in town that day. After that incident, when she was arrested, beaten, and had to go to the hospital, she realized just how hard it was going to be for blacks to get equal rights. (Shannon)

Chapter Four


2.) Lily is a good lair. This helps her, but there is a cost. How does it help and what is the cost?
Lily's lies help her, but they also hurt her. They help because she does not have to tell the sister's the real story about why her and Rosaleen were there. She can get to know August, and once she does that, she plans to confide in her the real reason about why she ran away from home. But her lies, in the end, may not work out as well as she hoped them too. If the sisters find out that she has been lying to them about her real reasons before she is ready to tell them, they might lose their trust in her, and kick Rosaleen and Lily out of their home, without any of the answers that Lily is looking for. (Shannon)


4.)Why does Rosaleen correct lily’s lies? Because she wants lily to find out the truth. “It’s your secret,” she said. “You do what you want with it.”(Kidd 79) Rosaleen wants lily to find out what happen to her mother because she cares and wanted her to find out on her own. (Arturo)

5.) "My skin has never felt so white before ". Lily says this because she is no longer among people her race like she was when she lived with T-Ray. I believe she is very uncomfortable due to the fact that there's not only one African American lady she is living with to living with four African American women. I also think her feeling this way has to do with the way the community even T-Ray acted towards black and maybe feels a little bit out of place there .(Hannah)

6.) Lily thinks that the figurine is the the Virigin Mary because she senses it's spiritual and religious power. August also explains their partly Catholic religion to Lily. August explains how it is who they worship in their religion. In Lily's understanding it shows that it is the Virgin Mary. She then also sees how their small group of women, and one man, praise to the figurine on Sundays. She is also amazed on how they have their masses. (MeHow)

Chapter Five

1.) When Lily was on her way to go to the restroom she overheard June say something to August that was a revelation for her “but she is white” (Kidd pg.87). When lily heard this she was amazed and angered. She always new that discrimination towards blacks existed but she never dreamed that they could be racist towards whites. Trough her anger it also showed that she then realized what it felt like to be discriminated and how much it hurt. (Sabrina)


3.) “Mostly I felt resentment at June’s attitude” (Kidd 88). June doesn’t want Lily there because she is very curios as to why she’s there. She knows she’s lying about her mom and dad being dead. Lily thinks shes not wanted there because she overheard a conversation between August and June. (Samantha)

4.) The epigraph in the beginning of chapter five shows that she is following the Black Madonna relating to "...We are tiny enough to follow a bee into a hive." The darkness represents her depression and how she has to trust the Boatwright sisters. I also think it shows how Lily is living in a new lifestyle with living with the Boatwright sisters because they are black and Lily is white.

5.)The significance of Lily's wondering about Mary's sensitivity

6.) The author uses first person narrative in telling the story. Find an example of how we are made aware of a point of veiw other then Lily's even though Lily is telling the story.
Even though Sue Monk Kidd wrote this book in the perspective of Lily, there are times when we, as a reader, get to see the story from other points of view, aw well. Some examples of this are: "But she's white, August" (Kidd 87), "'...Just 'cause you spend all your time with with August now ain't no reason for me to care...'" (Kidd 99), and "'...You picked Tiburon 'cause you're mother had a picture with that town written on the back-that;s it?'" (Kidd 51)
In the first quote, we get to see how June really feels about Lily staying at her house. We can tell that she does not like it very much, because she is white.
In the second quotes, Rosaleen is getting upset at Lily because she feels abandoned. She feels as if Lily does not spend any more time with her anymore, and she passes her hurt off as anger.
And finally, in the last quote, we again see Rosaleen's anger toward Lily about her reason for going to Tiburon, and her real motives for getting Rosaleen out of jail. (Shannon)

Chapter Six

1.) The number one question asked in South Carolina is “where are you from?” (Kidd 105). It’s a simple way to find out if there stories from the past fit together with yours. “we want to know if you are one of us, if you cousins knows our cousin, if your little sister went to school with our big brother, or if you go to the same church as our ex-boss” (Kidd). The number one most common question used at our school would have to be “what school did you come from.” It’s asked for mostly the same reasons as in the book. Kids want to know if they have something in common or to get to know the person a little bit better. (Sabrina)

2.) “And Mary said... Behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things... He hath scattered proud... He hath put down the mighty from their seats and exalted them of low degree” (Kidd, 107). In this chapter, August bible verses that related to the Mary and African Americans. He hath put down the mighty from their seats means to make things equal between people. And exalted them of low degree means to rank them lower in society. This relates to African Americans and their rights to vote.(Samantha)

3.) There will always be a queen for someone to follow. The Queen must some substance that attracts the workers and that can be obtained from her only by direct contact. This substance evidently stimulates the normal working behavior in the hive. This chemical messenger has been called “queen substance”. Experiments have shown that the bees obtain it directly from the body of the queen” (Kidd, 102). The queen of the hive is August, she keeps everyone grounded and she’s also the oldest. There’re as well are two more queens that co- exist with August, her two sisters, May and June. All three keep each other balanced working together as one. Also, in the quote it said that queens give out a substance. The substance in this chapters that August is helpful, and thoughtful. August took in Lily and Rosaleen and helped them out. (Tiffany)

4.) Some reasons that the Daughters of Mary might meet are because they do not have enough money to have a conventional church or the Daughters of Mary might be a very small group that cannot support the costs of having a full building. On page 106 in TSLOB Lily says how many people are in the church. There are 10 in total. Another reason might also be that the group of Daughters are satisfied with how the group already is. The story about the Mother may have been not as accepted in conventional churches. (MeHow)

5.) If I were Lily and June gave me attitude I would want to tell her off but i wouldn't because I would jeopardize my chance staying at there house. If I did give her attitude she would probably call the police because June thought of calling the police or kicking Rosaleen and Lily out. "August turned towards the screen and looked out,causing me to step deeper into the shadows and press my back against the house. Let who know ?" she said."The police?" I definitely wouldn't talk back to June because she would have the power to change my life's outcome of sending me back or worse going to jail. (Hannah)

Important Quotes/Symbols:
“She stopped right in the middle of the song, and I was left there in silence with my hand stretched out” (Kidd 111).
This quote is very important to chapter six in several ways. It is when we, as the readers, really understand how June feels about Lily, and how much she dislikes her living in her house. She hates her enough to stop playing her cello in the middle of a Daughters of Mary ceremony, just so Lily would not touch the statue’s heart. This then humiliates Lily, and makes her feel even more out of place then she did before.
In previous chapters, we find out that June does not like Lily very much, but we never found out that its pure hatred that she has for her. Firstly, she is racist against Lily because of her skin color. When June was talking to August , she even said “But she’s white, August” (Kidd 87). This is the first time we get to feel her dislike for Lily. Later on, when June is introducing Neil to Rosaleen and Lily, she turns to Lily, and her "eyes turned dull and hard…” (Kidd 105) This time, we know that it is more then dislike that June feels for Lily. And as the chapter goes on, June then embarrass Lily at the Daughters of Mary meeting, resulting in her fainting. (Shannon)

Chapter Seven

1.) At school they made fun of colored peoples lips and noses. I myself had laughed at these jokes, hoping to fit in. Now i wished that I could pen a letter to my school to be read at opening assembly hat would tell them how wrong we had all been. You should see Zachary Taylor, I'd say" (Kidd, 116). Discuss this statement, relating it to the concept of ethnocentrism. Whose standards of beauty do you think Lily is using in evaluating Zachary? In what situations might this type of thinking negativity affect a persons opportunities? Define the term before discussing this question.

Ethnocentrism is the belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group. She is evaluating Zachary on inner beauty rather than outer. Living in a house with African Americans taught her not to be racist. In that period of time, it wouldn’t affect their opportunities. It may affect opportunities now, but definitely not then. (Samantha)


3.) Why does Zach get upset when Lily suggests that he could be a professional sports player?
Zach gets upset with Lily when she suggest that he could be a professional sports player because that is all the blacks could be back then. “’I don’t want to play football,’ he said. ‘I wanna be a lawyer.’” (Kidd 121) Zach feels that the only way that he can be successful is to be a sports player. But he does not want this for his life; he wants to be a lawyer. “Why is it sports the only thing that white people being successful at?” (Kidd 120-121). Lily really does not think that Zach can be a lawyer because there is no black lawyer already, and she believes that “You’ve got to hear of those things before you can imagine them” (Kidd 121). (Shannon)

4.) When Lily first started crying she believed it was because of her lost future, and because she thought she wouldn’t amount to anything. But as time went on she realized that she was truly crying for Zach. “I knew I was crying because he had that one side dimple I loved” (Kidd 128). At that moment she saw how much she truly cares about Zach and she came to the realization that they couldn’t be together.(Sabrina)

5.)Back in the 1960's, society was very strict when it came to race. Lily knew that Zachary was black, but she didn't expect him to be good looking. They both start to develop some feeling, but society gets in between them. Lily expresses her thoughts through a metaphor, "I can tell you this much:the word is a great big log thrown on the fires of love" (Kidd, 133). Lily's saying that the log is the boundary between them and that their love is forbidden.(Tiffany)

6.)Lily’s attitude towards African American people changed since coming to live with August and her sister was that she has realized that what she was born into was racism and bias statements. “At my school they made fun of colored people’s lips and noses. I myself had laughed at these jokes, hoping to fit in. Now I wish I could pen a letter to my school to be read at opening assembly that would tell them how wrong we’d been” (Sue Monk Kidd 116). Lily’s opinion had changed completely. (MeHow)

Chapter Eight

3.)“went out to the hives on Christmas Eve and heard the bees singing the words of the Christmas story right on the gospel of Luke” (Kidd 143). August told Lily a story that Big Mama told her. On Christmas Eve, she went out in the bee yard, and heard the bees singing the words to a Christmas carol.
August does not mean this story literally. Bees cannot actually sing. But when Big Mama went out into the hives, she heard the noise of the bees. Sometimes, you hear things, and you can make out the tune of a song. This relates to the title of the book because everything that the bees do in the hive is a secret. The Boatwright sisters raise the bees and they believe in the bees being strong-minded and that you can hear the silent meanings in the hives. (Shannon)

4.) June is against having cleaning job because she feels as if it is a job slaves would have been done to do. She doesn't approve of August having a cleaning job because of that reason. There is nothing wrong with being a housekeeper but June does not want White people to feel better than Lily. (MeHow)

5.)Sooner or later, lies will start to come apart. “I touched the place on my shirt where I’d stuck the black Mary; she was starting to come unglued” (Kidd, 152). This metaphor represents the lies that Lily has told to stay in the pink house. The longer she lives with August, the more August tries to tell her that it is ok to talk to her and that she will be there whenever Lily needs her. (Tiffany)

6.) Lily didn't cope well when T-Ray didn't show Lily that he loved her ; she made him a Fathers Day card. Lily thought that T-Ray would show off the card in the house. "I Expected it to get propped on your dresser, and the next day I find it on the telephone table where you have peeled a peach." Lily didn't feel good about the card at all when she found that he peeled a peach on it. Lily is still looking for her T-Rays love even though she has other people that show her love because that's her dad and she believes that he does have love for her and show's in a different way. When Lily decided to leave and T-Ray saw that she has left he went in hurry to find her. "T-Ray emerged with my note crumpled in his hand, and tore out in his truck." After he noticed Lily left he hurried to go look for her. I think that T-Ray does love her or at least cares because if he didn't i don't think he would have set off so fast to look for her. (Hannah)

Chapter Nine

1.) How do you interpret August’s words “Actually, you can be bad at something, Lily, but if you love doing it, that will be enough.” //
A real life example could be if someone decided to be a writer because they loved it and was dreaming about being a best seller as a little kid. But when he/she started writing and submitted it but the book to a publisher, but when the publisher read it they decided it wasn’t good enough. Having been let down, the person tries to write again and still, its not as good as it could be. Because of their love for writing, he/she keep going and try and try again until finally something good will come out of their passion. That will be enough. (Samantha)

2.) Lily say: “I was seeing myself as the fire department and June as the raging inferno” (169). Is this a defying moment in the relationship between June and Lily?
In this scene, Lily, August, May and Rosaleen went outside after lunch and were playing with the sprinkler. June comes out of the house, and yells at them to stop. Lily then sprays her with the hose. They end up on the ground, both laughing and fooling around. This is a defying moment for their relationship because they both realize that the other one is not that bad, and that they can really be friends and get along with the other. After this moment, they both begin to get along, and their relationship makes a 180, and a friendship is formed. (Shannon)

4.) Coming of age means is a persons transition from childhood to adult hood. Lily is 14 years old, "... for the last ten years ... My mother died when I was four years old" (Sue Monk Kidd 2). Adding both of the numbers up from Rosaleen's care and her mother's care Lily is fourteen. Fourteen is an average age for a girl to discover who she really is and what she wants. Lily even finds love which would be an adult, mature feeling. "... I, marveled at how mixed up people got when it came to love. I myself for instance. It seemed like I was now thinking of Zach forty minutes out of every hour. (Sue Monk Kidd 133). Lily seems to learn more and become more independent though out the book. She learns lessons from August and how the bees live with one another. (MeHow)

3.) Lily is ready to find out what really happened to her mother. When Lily would step in the pink house she would always feel like some of her mother was with her, “It’s like a maze of wishful thinking” Lily said. Lily asked May, “May did you ever know a Deborah Fontanel” She stayed out there in the honey house. She was the sweetest thing.”(Kidd 173). Lily is maturing because she is searching for the information on her mother and isn’t afraid to ask difficult questions. She seems prepared to hear the answers to such questions even if the answer is not something she wants to hear. Lily is maturing more and more with every little event. She shows this when she writes her dad a letter, instead of being mad at him forever She was mature enough to show him how she felt instead of avoiding him like someone who is not mature would do. Deep injuries have happened to Lily, and she will never recover until she forgives. Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future. (Arturo).

5.) I believe that Lily's dream represents that her mother will always be with her. "A roach is a creature no one can love, but you cannot kill it. It will go on and on and on (Kidd 175). I think this means that even though her mother isn't with her anymore, her spirit will never disappear, and even though it doesn't seam like it, her mother is still with her, even though it may not always seam like it. (Sabrina)

7.) In this chapter, Zach makes a very important decision, to stick with his friends no matter the consequences. “He would never open his mouth. He was trying to say to me, I’m sorry, but these are my friends” (Kidd, 179). Zach didn’t want his friends to lose his respect towards him. August once said, “The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters” (Kidd, 147). At that moment that Zach decided to choose his friends, to him that was the right thing to do because he stayed true to himself, and gained respect. In some cases people go with their values or their culture because that’s what’s right in their decision towards what really matter for them in life. Sometimes that decision you take might be wrong because to some people but to you it was the best choice. (Tiffany)

Chapter Ten

1.) August sensed something wrong from how she was acting when she found out that Zach was in jail, she then headed outside. “I’m going to the wall” (Kidd 187) May said. August was getting worried because May had been gone for a while August knew that the reason she went to the wall was because of the situation that happen with Zach going to jail. May couldn’t handle the pain, and committed suicide (Arturo).

2.)The Wailing Wall has been May’s outlet for sorrow. Why didn’t it sustain her through Zach’s incarceration? How might things be different for May if she lived today instead of the 1960’s?
When Zach was arrested, the sisters and Lily did not want to inform May of his state. They thought that it would be too much for her, and she would not be ale to handle it. In reality, she could not. If they had told her, maybe she would have been able to cope with the reality. But when May had to find out from Zach’s mom, and Lily realized “all of a sudden that her eyes weren’t actually seeing the picture. They had glazed completely over” (186). When she found out this way, she already felt the sorrow from her sisters, lily, Rosaleen, and even Zach’s mom. All the pain and suffering that they felt, she felt, only stronger. This pushed her over the edge, and drove her to the decision to end her life. (Shannon)

3.) Assuming that this means since April died, this quote probably relates to May and killing herself because they all knew that is was going to happen at some point. It was because of all her mourning and despair. She complained about feeling the world on her shoulders and ever since her sister died, she never felt the same. (Samantha)

4.) When Lilly is planning on telling August everything about who she really is and why she is there she soon decided not to "It would be selfish to pour this into her cup" (Kidd 201). I believe that it means that August is going threw a lot in her life at the moment with the honey and with May that Lily thought it would be selfish to add this to her list of things to worry about, so she thought it would be better not to tell her because it wasn't the right moment. (Sabrina)

5.) Rituals help people cope with their problems by comforting them and by making they're day complete. When May died, June and August covered the hives with black vigils, out of respect and the cloth helped them with their mourning. They feel like the covering of the hives was the right thing to do, "When we had all the hives covered, we stood under the pines and gazed at them,"(Kidd, 205). They had the feeling that everything was going to be alright. (Tiffany)

6.) this is in da book i will look for it later

Chapter review: Hannah
Chapter review : In the beginning of chapter 10 Rosaleen,August , June and Lily were in the kitchen when they realized that May has been gone at the wailing wall for 20 minutes so they all went out to look for her. Once they got to the wall they didn't see May ; they began to panic and call her name out as they got further into the forest after several minutes of calling June went to the house to call the police. June went to closer to the river and pointed her flashlight into it and found May laying in it cover with river debrie. May was found with a huge river stone on her chest two feet in the water . The police came later and questioned all of them about May. But for Lily they didn't only question her about May he asked why she was at the house living with four African American women , she told him the same story she told June. When he was done asking questions he advised Lily to leave the house before he comes back.
Later in the chapter Zack gets let out of jail because a witness told the police he had nothing to do with throwing the bottle. He came to give his respects to June and August for the lose of May ; he stayed for awhile to see May because June And August had her casket in the living room for vigil. The Daughters of Mary came loaded with food for everyone to eat and for the vigil. The second day of the Vigil before anyone was awake August found Mays suicide note beneath the roots of an olive not far from where they found her. August called everyone once she found the note and read it. "Dear August and June
I'm sorry to leave you like this. I hate you being sad,but think how happy I'll be with April,mama,papa and big mama. picture us up there together ; and that will help some. I'm tired of carrying around the weight of the world. I'm just going to lay it down now. It's my time to die, and it's your time to live. Don't mess it up . Love, May" (210 Kidd).

Chapter Eleven

1.) Zach has change from when he went in jail he got very angry he said “Sometimes, Lily, I’m so angry I wanna kill something” (Kidd 230). Zach doesn’t want to be that person again and get sent to jail again, he wants to start a new life take a new path. Zach becoming more attracted to Lily and Lily is too. Zach realized, the jail cell is going to make him study harder and earn higher grades. (Arturo)

2.) Interpret this Quote: it takes honeybee workers ten million foraging trips to gather enough nectar to make one pound of honey

This quote is stating how it takes a lot of hard work to get the result you are trying to get. Nothing is easy, but with a lot of hard work will eventually pay off. For example, Neil finally got June to say yes to him and marry him. Finally she let out a long, sighing breath. “All right,” she said. “Lets get married.” (Kidd, 222). (Samantha)

3.) Have you ever thought that if you changed your skin color the world around you will change as well? Zach said to Lily, “We can’t think of changing our skin, change the world that’s how we gotta think” (Kidd, 216). Lily cares about Zach; she would even change her skin color for him. Zach is proud of whom he is and he also adores Lily very much, but he knows that the world should be the one to change and they should be happy the way they are. Lily was willing to change her skin for love. People in are willing to give who they are for the love of their life, even if it means just for a little while. (Tiffany)

4.) Sabrina

5.) Rosaleen doesn't stop Lily from moving out because they have both got used to having their own space. I once moved from the first floor to the second floor in my house. My original room was right across from my mom's room. My father renovated the room upstairs and he asked me if I wanted to move. My mom was against the idea of me moving. She didn't say anything but after I moved she kept complaining. It's been a couple months now and she had stopped complaining but keeps wanted to talk to me. I guess it made her feel like I moved out. Overall, it ended up pretty well. Rosaleen wanted her own privacy so she is happy with Lily moving out.

6.) Hannah

Symbol of Chapter:
Symbol: “’We can’t be together now, Lily, but one day, after I’ve gone away and become somebody, I’m gonna find you, and then we’ll be together then.’” (Kidd 231)
When Zach tells Lily this, it is a defying moment for both of them. They both knew that each other felt something for the other, but they never knew that their feelings where that strong. They both realized that what the felt for each other was deep, almost like what June and Neil have. After he gave her his necklace, and promised that one day they would be together, Lily felt stronger, more complete, and ready to take charge of her life. (Shannon)

Chapter Twelve

1.) Lily and her mother are alike in many ways, but they are also very different. Both Lily and her mother Deborah have both been abused my T-ray there entire lives, and because of that were both very closed of about there feelings and they tried not sharing them with people. But even though they were similar, they were also very different. When Lily's mother was feeling trapped she abandoned Lily and left her there with t-ray. But never in a million years would lily have done something like that, and its for that reason that they are very different. (Sabrina)

2.) Review your answer to question 1, from chapter 5. Reread the last three paragraphs of page 242 and reevaluate your previous answer? Would you change your answer? If so, how? If not, why?
I would not change my answer. Lily is surprised when she hears this, and angered by it. Everyday, white people have those feelings towards blacks everyday. The blacks are angered by it, including June, and having those feelings in return to the white people will not do anything. The hatred and resentment that each race feels for each other only adds more to the fight for equality. (Shannon)

3.) The queen be is Deborah she spent her days confined at night. It related to her feelings of being trapped by T.Ray and his anger management. Since she was depressed, she wasn't able to take care of Lily the way she wanted to. Lily feels lack of that mother figure and probably feels bad for her mother and the way she is feeling towards T.Ray. (Samantha)

4.) Lily thought her mother who loved her a lot and cared about Lily too. Lily thought that her mother left her until august told her the truth. Lily said “He said left me that she left both of us and ran away”. (Kidd 238) Lily then realized that her mother left to settle in a place and then come back for Lily. Lily’s mother never really left her she wanted everything to cool down and take her with her. Then Lily accidentally shot the gun that her father brought out and killed her mother. Deborah wasn’t a bad mother she was always there for Lily (Arturo)

5.) As parents, Deborah and T. Ray couldn't get there differences aside and their lack of responsibility came out on Lily. There personal issues justified the treatment they gave Lily. When Lily went to August and told her the truth, August told Lily how her mother really felt about T. Ray," One of her letters talked about Terrence Ray having dirt under his fingernails, I remember that. Next thing I knew she was writing me how she didn't know if she could live way out on a farm, that kind of thing. When he proposed, she said no"(Kidd, 248). August explains that Deborah was discussed by T. Ray and she couldn't stand him or living in the middle of no where. On the other hand, T. Ray was completely in love with her, and he was angry that she didn't love him the same way. As the book talks about the queen, in this part Lily's mom is meant to be the queen, "As is, she is shy and skittish, possibly because she never leaves the hive, but spends her days confined in darkness, a kind of eternal night, perpetually in labor..."(Kidd, 233). This quote says that the queen never leaves the hive, Lily's mother was always in that house depressed, in darkness and that blinded her from her responsibilities on taking care of Lily. Lily looks so much like her mother, and that's why T.Ray is so mean most of the times because Lily reminds him of her mother, but he still cares about her, even though her mom didn't. (Tiffany)

6.) I don’t think that Lily found the mother within in her because the mother she wanted wasn't the mother she thought of. When August told Lily the truth about her mother and told her that she left Lily with T-Ray for three months Lily's view of her mother changed completely. “I do, I hate her. She isn't anything like I thought she was.” Lily didn’t like the fact that her mother wasn’t the mother she pictured all along caring for her and being there when lily needed her. When she learned that T-Ray told her the truth she thought that her mom was just a bad mom. “It was easy for her to leave me, because she never wanted me in the first place.” She became very upset when she heard all this stuff about her mom leaving her lily drew to conclusion that she didn't love her and never even wanted her. Lily over all felt hurt and confused on why her mom left and felt that she wasn’t loved. (Hannah)

Chapter review:
In chapter twelve Lily waits and wants to come out to August about what happened to her mother and why she was actually there. Lily sat in her room and waiting for August to come, once she did they started to talk. Lily explained that her mother had died and that she ran away from home after she was bailed out of jail. August then tells Lily that she knew she was Deborah's daughter. This upset Lily and she started to cry uncontrollably. August comforted Lily by telling her to cry. Later they kept talking and August was telling how she was hired to be a cleaning woman and to raise Deborah from age 4 to 19. (Mehow)

Chapter Thirteen

1.) Many people can handle the stress that life gives you, as so can Lily. “A worker bee is just over a centimeter long weighs only about sixty milligrams; nevertheless, she can fly with a load heavier than herself” (Kidd, 257). For a young girl, Lily has handled all her problems very well. After figuring out that her mother had left her, you would think she would give up, instead she found hope, “I didn’t care about anything on this earth except the way her face was tipped toward mine, our noses just touching, how wide and gorgeous her smile was, like sparklers going off. She had fed me with a tiny spoon. She had her nose against mine and poured her light on my face” (Kidd, 275). Lily understood that her mother loved her but was too distracted by T. Ray. (Tiffany)
2.) I don't agree with Lily because you can talk yourself out of anger. I have learned that sometimes, its best to walk away from whats making you angry and them come back and fix it. "Either your angry or you're not" is a true statement in a literal sense but, you decide whether your angry or not. Her anger many have something to do with smashing the honey, but I think its more because she felt so upset about learning more about her mom and she was upset with herself for what she had done, even though it wasn't intentional. Lily could have gone to the wailing wall to write about how she felt. Even though only may ever used it, nobody ever said she couldn't. (Samantha)

August Told Lily that Debroah came back for Lily and not for her stuff. This Change Lily’s point of view to her mother. Lily receives a picture from august want she was a baby with her and mother in it. The picture gave her sense of piece “I didn’t care about anything on this earth except the way her face was tipped toward mine, out noses just touching” (Kidd 275). Lily finally finds out that her mother really did love her and she’s okay with the situations that happen with her when she was little (Arturo).

Symbols of the chapter:

"I felt my heart in my chest. It hurt so badly. Like it had been steeped on" (Kidd 260). In this quote, Lily is upset and hurt about what she just found out about her mother. August told her that her mother did, in fact, leave her just as T. Ray told her when she left. When he told her, she did not want to believe it, thinking that her mother was a good person, she loved her, and that she would never do anything like that to her. Once she found out the truth, she was angry with her mother for leaving her and not being who she thought she was. She was also angry with herself for believing that her mother loved her. Her heart had been ripped out of her chest and torn into a million pieces when she heard this. She also felt that she was unlovable because she had accidentally killed her mother when she came back for her. (Shannon)

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter 14 - Living in the pink house Lily’s mother figures changed completely when August, May, June and the daughters of Mary took the part of being mothers to her, giving her the love and advice a girl would get from a mother. August especially shared a very strong motherly bond with Lily when they had an emotional talk about Lily’s mother. “Remember when you said we should have a talk” (Kidd 235). Lily decided that it was time that she should have a talk with August about her mother Deborah. But to Lily’s knowledge August already knew that Lily was the daughter of Deborah, Lily found it easy to talk to August about this subject because through out the time August she showed Lily that she could trust her with anything and won’t judge. Lily spilled everything from how her and Rosaleen escaping and about T-Ray and his ways. August listened with open ears and helped her get though everything. The daughters of Mary were the type of mothers that would spoil her in the pink house. They were all fun to be around and obviously loved having Lily being in the pink house. When the girls find out Lily is going to stay they all take the chance to give her the room she deserves. “Violet and Queenie donated a flowered rug, Mabelee sewed blue and white polka dot curtains, Cressie crocheted four eight-legged octopuses out of various colors and Lunelle created me a hat that out did everyone’s” (Kidd 300). The daughters of Mary get very excited when they hear Lily is going to live with August and June they quickly get to ‘spoiling” her. They all chip in and use there talents to give Lily what she needs and most definitely deserves. Living in the Pink house gave Lily the chance to have more mothers then she wanted and the love that would last a lifetime. (Hannah)
4.) “A queenless colony is a pitiful and melancholy community; there may be a mournful wail or lament from within... Without intervention, the colony will die. But introduce a new queen and the most extravagant change takes place.” (Kidd, 277). The queenless colony is referring to Lily’s life without a mother. A pitiful melancholy represents the happy yet sad memories of her mother. The happiest memory is when her mother wrapped her arms around her and smelling the sweet scent of her perfume. Wail or lament from within represents her longing for her mother and how sad she felt when she passed. In the book, she explained how she felt like it was her fault. But introduce a new queen is August, June and Rosaleen. they become her new queen bee as the story goes on. And the most extravagant change takes place is the change of happiness for Lily when finally T.Ray leaves and she has a new mother (for her mothers) once again. (Samantha)
7.) T. Ray became mean when Deborah left him, T. Ray really loved Deborah and he didn’t want her to leave. T. Ray loved Deborah that he worshiped her, Lily looks just like her. T. Ray wanted to get Lily back from August’s house so he dragged her away. T. Ray then got a flash back and saw Deborah in lily until she said “Daddy” (Kidd 295). Lily said this because Lily wanted her dad to snap out of the flash back before she gets hurt. It seems that T. Ray is going to be loyal to Lily now (Arturo).
All through the book, Lily says that she shot her mother, and she is waiting for the day that’s she will meet her mother again, and can ask for her forgiveness. “She was all I wanted, and I took her away” (Kidd 8). She believes that she killed her mother, and she wants to know more about it, but T. Ray refuses to talk about her. “…T. Ray refused to speak of…” (Kidd 12). She remembered the day from when she was four years old, but yet, her father refused to talk about that day her mother died, except for one day, before Lily entered the first grade. At the end, once T. Ray came to the Boatwright’s house, Lily asked one more time before he left her, “’I need to know’… ‘Did I do it?’” (Kidd 299). This is went Lily finally comes to terms with her mother’s death, and finally knows the truth about it. “You didn’t mean it, but it was you” (Kidd 299). Once T. Ray tells her this, she is finally able to come to peace with what happened with her mother. (Shannon)

Symbols for chapter fourteen:
A symbol for this chapter is Lily's life. How? The chapter shows how she has no matured from a young teen to a mature adult. She has been through the thick and thin. The significance of this chapter is it is the last chapter. Fourteen represents Lily's age. (MeHow)

Final Project

Hannah - In the Secret Life of Bee’s Lily found one friend in the pink house and that was Zack Taylor. Lily and Zack shared a friendship that people at that time would never dare to have. Lily finds herself thinking about how Zach is pretty handsome compared to what all the people say about blacks and Zach is stunned at first that lily is white “She didn’t say anything about you being white, if he was shocked over me being white I was shocked over him being handsome”(Kidd 116). When Zach meets Lily he is shocked to see that Lily is a white girl that he would be working with and the same goes for Lily except she wasn’t shocked that he was black she was shocked that he was handsome. Back at lily’s school they always made fun of the way blacks’ noses were and their lips, but Zack was handsome compared to the way they talked about how blacks looked weird. After lots of time together they started to bond and Lily even started to like him. Zach and Lily share a moment where Zach confesses how he loves her and that he would most definitely be with her if it wasn’t for what would happen if was with her. “Lily, I like you better than any other girl I’ve ever known, but you have to understand, there are people who would kill boys like me for even looking at girls like you.”(Kidd 135). In chapter seven we find out that Lily and Zach feel the same way about each other but Zach quickly snaps back into the reality that he wouldn’t even be able to be with Lily because of the consequences that would happen. At this point there relationship is at a holt and can’t go any further. Despite what others said they still stayed friends and there feelings for each other still showed till the end. When Zack ended up in jail Lily and August visited him and his presence to lily seemed that he was questioning there relationship “I watched him, filled with tenderness and ache, wondering what it was that connected them; I wanted to reach through the bars and touch the vein”(Kidd 184). Lily finds herself feeling upset with Zach in jail and when she gets to see him she kind of sees in him that he was over whelmed with everything and he didn’t want Lily to see him in jail because maybe she would think he’s like all the black stereotypes they have where they steal and cause all sorts of trouble. Lily felt different though she knew he was guilty and didn’t do anything and just wanted to be with him even if it was a five minute visit in jail. Lily’s and Zach’s relationship was a unique one because of the love they shared for each other even though they were different skin colors they weren’t different people they were much alike and really helped each other in there times of need and friendship.


Motherhood plays a big role in this book. After her mothers death, Lily never really had a mother figure. Rosaleen sort of took that role, but she was being hired to do it. In the first chapter, Lily explains how she remembered feeling when her mother had died. Then she explains how its not easy not having a mother and what a tough time she had in school. All the other girls were pretty and had combed hair and even proper clothes. But most importantly, and a mother. “... but I got barred because I didn’t have a mother... to present me with a white rose at the closing ceremony.” (Kidd, 9). When Lily found on the back of a picture of Mary, Triburon SC she knew that she had to go there to get the answers she had longed to have answered about her mother. When Lily met August, she felt right at home. “I was unable to take my eyes off of her, the Mistress of Bees, The portal into my mother’s life. August.” (Kidd, 68). Throughout the story, Lily found peace being with in the comfort of a home with August, May, and June. Lily learned about her mother through August “The first day you showed up, I took one look at you and all I could see was Deborah when she was your age” (Kidd, 236). Lily wasn’t happy when she heard how much August knew about her mother. August knew from the beginning that Lily wasn’t ready to know about her, but the look in her eyes changed her mind. “Mostly, though I want you to know, I love you. Just like I loved your mother” (Kidd, 243). Towards the end of the story, T.Ray found Lily and tried to take her home. August convinced him to let her stay assuring a safe home and an education she had longed to have. “And there they were. All these mothers. I have more mothers than any eight girls off the street. They are the moons shining over me” (Kidd, 302).
In the secret life of Bees, Lily has this completed relationship with her father T. Ray. Lily’s mother died when she was young and Lily resembles her mother very much; “When T. Ray turned back, he fastened his eyes on me, and there was nothing in them but an ocean of hurt. He looked at the pin on my shirt. “You look like her,” he said…” (Kidd, 296).T. Ray cares for Lily, but he has a hard time showing it. T. Ray is angry with Deborah, Lily’s mother, because she left him, and she didn’t’ care for him the way he did for her. “She said she was leaving T. Ray that she had to leave home” (Kidd, 251). Every time he sees Lily, she reminds him of his wife. Lily’s father is tough and hard with her in the beginning of the story. After he found Lily, he starts to realize that staying with August is the best thing for her, when he was driving away she understood what he meant when T. Ray left, “I still tell myself that when he drove away that he wasn’t saying good riddance; he was saying, Oh Lily, you’re better off there in that house of colored women. You never would’ve flowered with me like you with them.” (Kidd, 299, 300). T. Ray had a hard time letting his daughter go, but he realized that it was for the best.

Lily Seems to be confused and lost from the loss of her mother. She tries to recover and find out the truth to what happened to her mother; she goes through a lot to find out the truth. Lily wanted a mother figure; Rosaleen didn’t have a strong enough connection to Lily to be a mother to her. Lily is maturing and wants to try out new things as she gets older. She realized, “The oddest things caused me to miss her” (Kidd 13). Lily misses her mother and thinks about her all the time. When Lily found signs about where her mother could have been, she takes off in search of her. Lily and Rosaleen head to Tiburon, South Carolina. In Tiburon Lily stays with the Boatwright family and comes to make a connection with there religious figure our Lady of Chains. When no one is looking she traces black Mary’s heart with her finger and presses her palm against her to try to make a connection to her. While doing this she thinks to herself, “I live in a hive of darkness, and you are my mother, I told her. You are the mother of thousands” (Kidd 164). Lily thinks that this monument will give her love and will help her in situation. She looks towards that statue as a mother to fill the void of her own mother. Towards the end of the novel Lily and august developed a mother figure to Lily and August said “Mostly, though, I want you to know, I love you. Just like I loved your mother” (Kidd 243). After all the searching and difficult situations Lily finally found the mother she needed in August.

Through out Sue Monk Kidd’s novel, The Secret Life of Bees, there have been many references to the cultural things of this time period. One example of this is Jack Palance. He was a famous actor of this time period. In the story, Zach makes reference to him, and how he was going to come to Tiburon, North Carolina. “They’re saying that Jack Palance is going to come to Tiburon this weekend and is bringing a colored woman” (Kidd 154). A major movie star coming to a small town in North Carolina, with a colored woman was a big deal back then. Because of all the discrimination and race issues back then, white people and black people being around each other was frowned upon, which is why so many people thought it was odd that Lily was staying in a house with four black woman. Even a police officer asked Lily “don’t you have any white people…you could stay with?” (Kidd 197).
Another reference to things happening in society around this time is the singers. Lily and Zach mention Elvis, Fats Dominos, and Miles Davis one day when they are talking. “ ‘So, who do you like best, Fats Dominos or Elvis?’.... ‘Miles Davis’” (Kidd 117). This time, all three of them were famous singers. Fats Dominos and Miles Davis were both famous Jazz singers of this time period. Elvis was a famous rock singer, who was later named “The King of Rock”. All three of them heavily influenced society in the 60’s. Elvis reshaped the music industry, while Davis and Fats Dominos helped break the color barrier, restricting blacks to have equal rights as every one else.
Thirdly, a cultural connection made was with banana pudding, banana cream pie, and banana Jell-O. “made banana pudding, banana cream pie, banana Jell-O…” (Kidd 86). Rosaleen made all of these foods because of all the bananas that May went through a day. She would “go through five or more bananas a day” (Kidd 86). May would look for the “ideal, flawless banana, the one that hadn’t gotten banged up at the grocery store” (Kidd 86). In this time, making a lot of the foods consumed at home. This was especially popular for the colored people of this time. This is because most of the food store restaurants in these areas were owned by racist white families, and did not like colored people coming into their stores.
Finally, Kidd made a reference to the bomb drills going on in this time. “’Did the drop an atom bomb?’” (Kidd 19). Because of the Cold War being fought in the Soviet Union, the government made schools practice having the kids sit under a desk, cover there heads, and face the wall in case of any bombing that might happen. This scared many people, and even thought “[there] days were numbered”(Kidd 19). The bomb drills scared many people, but it also brought awareness to families about the potential threats. “Everyone was putting fallout shelters in their backyards…” (Kidd 20). It also made people prepare for the worst, “…canning up tap water…” (Kidd 20). Every one thought it was “the end of time” (Kidd 20) because of all the preparations made.
All in all, Sue Monk Kidd made a lot of cultural connections to the time period of this book. Besides the ones listed above, there are dozens of other listed through out this book.

Lilly and August have a very strong and open relationship. Lilly feels that that can go to August for anything. And the longer they stay at the honey house, the stronger there relationship grows. When Lilly and Rosaleen showed up at there house one of the first things that came out of Augusts mouth was “Well, you can stay here till you figure out what to do. We can’t have you living on the side of the road” (Kidd Pg.72). That shows that August is a very caring person, and right away she starts caring for Lilly. Later on in the book when Lilly and Augusts relation ship grows stronger. Lilly starts to trust August more and builds up the courage to tell August the truth about everything that’s happened and why they were there. When Lilly began to explain, August was in shock, but despite all that she was still gentle, kind, and forgiving towards Lilly. “Oh Lilly, your not unlovable, even if you actually did kill her, you are still the most dear, most loveable girl I know” (Kidd Pg.243). By August saying this it means a lot. Lilly messed up, but instead of getting mad at her and telling her she was a horrible person, she understood and respected Lilly the same, or even more then she did before she found out the truth, and that proved that there relationship was strong and that they can get threw almost anything together. August can also act like a mother figure to Lilly. All her life Lilly had been without a mother and when he met August she finally realized what having a mother might feel like, which made there relationship even stronger. The relationship they share means a lot to both August and Lilly, and they have a bond that can never be broken.

MeHow- Lily shows hope through out the book by trying to know if the Black Madonna has to do anything with her mother. After she gets arrested and is bailed out of jail she runs away with Rosaleen. Maybe to find what could have happened to her mother? To uncover a big secret? She runs away and finds the Black Madonna on a honey jar, that’s where hope hits her. She learns that the Black Madonna is produced in the Boatwright home by August Boatwright and she finds hope, “… I told her about the black Mary on the honey jar and the beekeeper named August Boatwright. Don’t you think my mother must have known her? … It couldn’t be a coincidence” (64 Sue Monk Kidd). Rosaleen then tell her not to get too excited, “I don’t want you getting you hope up too much, is all” (65 Sue Monk Kidd). Lily is hopeful to find out more about her mother. By the end of the book in chapter twelve she discovers that August knew all about Lily’s secret that T.ray, her father, did not die and that Lily was Deborah’s daughter. August confessed that she was a cleaning lady for Deborah’s family when she was four years old to nineteen years old. Lily also hopes that she can touch the Lady of Chains and feel her spiritual power. Once she does she feels better and knows something she knows how to ride a boat and then she goes out and sails out into sea and while she is there she wants to become an author and writes the old man and the sea. o0o0 write about Roasleen and how she wants to vote and how she re-registered herself.